Monday, March 12, 2007

Posting Deficit

I never really set "targets" for blog posting, but the output in the last little while has been slow. Non-existent even! But I guess I can try and get back on that horse and spit something out. Through another saying on the barbie and so on.

I keep meaning to fix up my home computer as it is experiencing some stability issues. Probably related to dust and/or the attempt to blow out the dust. Jostling things probably did not help. Anyway that has done a few things in my time at home: makes me game less (i.e. not at all) and I tend not to write anything either. At least since I started this blog I was able to sit down and do some writing, something to keep the matter grey. Lately nothing. Maybe I should blame Rogers for adding more movie channels to basic digital cable, or the time change, but we really know who is to blame - Steven Harper. Wait - me! Me - I'm to blame, or am responsible. For the lack of discipline.

No matter, I shall peck out some sort of thoughts, ideas and so on.

I notice that this guy is 10 years (less 4 days) older than me. Scary that there is so much evidence that I must be a mature adult, doing all those things that adults should. (Somehow, you're supposed to hear strains of a song by "the pursuit of happiness" in the back ground, but that really didn't give you any reason to...) I'm feeling older I guess and I'm starting to get that "act your age, jackass!" voice in the back of my mind. I think I'll ignore it for now though...

Got shuffled around at work. Now I'm on a team that's closer to a real, production "feature team!" Except that now that I'm there, I realize that it is one of those "not exactly a feature-team" teams... Mainly because the team is quite small and the output is important but kinda hard to define. The AgileMan is saying "every feature team looks different, jackass", but I thought I'd point out the differences first. I'd also like to point out that the AgileMan doesn't say "jackass" very much (well, ever), but it sounds so much more amusing in my head when he sounds like Oscar from "Corner Gas". My wife got me a "Corner Gas" tshirt for my b-day, but it wasn't the one that said "Jackass!" on it. Cause I would wear it to work and it would be a CLM and that would not be good.

Anyway, it's good to get some of the segueing out of the way, as I'm back to work tomorrow, big as life. No idea where this stuff is coming from, but whatever.