Sunday, April 8, 2007

The long dark silence...

... of my blog. Unbroken only by the whining of my northbridge fan as it grinds its bearings into dust. My posting has been lackluster of late. Truly sucky. Most ineffectual. Like most things, I just need to cross the threshold from mere thought into action. That's the ticket - action! But blog-action is pretty tame and limited. I just have to hope that the ol' computatrix holds up long enough for the Inter-weeb to store whatever I may churn out.

Anyhoo, I shall endeavor to post more often. Some simple structure will likely help. Here are a few things I've found out recent:
  • There was a Slashdot article that lists complaints against Rogers high-speed access. I was considering switching to that service, but it turns out they are bandwidth-limiting all encrypted traffic. So using my VPN from home (to do work) would be frustrating. So, I will continue to use my unencumbered Execulink access instead.
  • GM's Chevrolet Volt was mostly a marketing ploy, although I still like the idea. What they showed was a shell and their tech has been worked out. That means that their production dates are made up. Oh well.
  • Hockey is fun. Playing hockey that is. Finally got a net for me and the boys to shoot balls at. My oldest son enjoyed the targets very much. He was so eager to use the new net that he spent 3 or 4 hours watching me put the net together (across two days) holding his stick.
  • and much more.
Anyway, I must be off. I need to find some sustenance and procure some medication for an infected aural passage (not mine). Thence I mayhap modify mine computer to move it to a more reliable state.