Monday, August 18, 2008


First post! From the beach anyway. These new "mobile" devices
certainly make it easier to beach-blog. It's a nice day, if a bit
windy. My eldest son is hoping that I'm watching Roblox Gone Wild
videoes, but he is wrong. It's not as licentious as it sounds. Too
bad I can't spell. Anyway, time for frisbee!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two days in a row

Sitting on the couch, tap-tap-tapping along. Well, at least I got something working. Got my first bill for this mobile-dealie. It was shockingly correct. I know I was surprised. And now the big deal on the homefront - the fence is coming!

Got home and saw the poles, sticking out of the ground and everything. We're getting cast iron fence. I talked to a friend of my parent's and he told me that his iron fence cost about 30% more than what I'm paying. And that was 30 years ago! I hope this fence lasts as long as that one, uh, does.

My dad got himself a nice new bike. Got a sweet comfy seat and seven internal gears. No deraileur for him! I guess I'll get a report on how well it's working in a few days.

So I the idea is slow and steady. Guess we'll see where this goes too.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Posting from the mobile device

Got around to upgrading my mobile phone. Now I have a mobile device. There finally is a device that does all the things that I wanted - specifically music, organizing stuff and phone. The iPhone was the one I'd been looking for. I find it hilarious when people suggest that I'm being trendy, given that I've had 3 phones in 9 years.

So far, I've been pretty happy with device. I'm glad that I didn't wait in line or anything. The screen is awesome, and the multi-touch is well done. I've done some neat things, but not what I'd consider outstanding. I suppose that jailbreaking would make it outstanding,
but not yet anyway.

Tonight marks what I hope will be the start of a couch-blogging trend. Maybe even a porch-blogging or two. I feel like I have to fill the breach left by a recently departed co-worker. And by co-worker I mean Kimota94. And by departed I mean retired - you know "departed" from work, not to return. I know my jokes are weak, but somehow you're still reading... Anyhoo, Kimota94's prodigious output might be stifled by lack of portable device to publish with. Seems like he may
be spending more time away from the ole kybard during retirement. I suppose there is some kind of joke involving retirerees and editorials...

So let's see how things start off with this here post and see if the couch will inspire greater, uh, something.