Sunday, May 11, 2008

A post

Every time I get around to producing another post, I realize how long it has been since the last one. And every time I think to myself (and write in the post) that I should try writing more frequently. History has shown that it hasn't happened. As an optimist, I guess I should say that it won't come easily, but consistency will arrive.

Catching up on some of the backlog in other blogs, (there's only one that I visit that could possibly post faster than I can keep up with), prompted me to imply post to "The Studio", which in turn, started this post. As I was writing that post, I realized that I should make notes some how, organize my thoughts a bit better, so I would have something to write about. That must be part of getting more consistent - making sure that there is a supply of material.

My problem is never with the act of writing (talking, dominating conversation) as I can always come up with something. The ideas, kernels of subject, notions, setups, and angry rants are the hard part. That's not to claim that such off-the-cuff rambling is always cogent or coherent, but it can fill a page. Twas an excellent skill to have in high school. Probably would have pulled me through several liberal arts degrees, but alas I had to study that which is best expressed in concise precision - math. Such flourishing embellishment was not required for my CS degree (BMath, Hons CS, minor in C&O - really there was alot of math involved), but I still enjoy rattling the keyboard with a few unnecessarily lengthy words every now and then.

See? I prattled on about how I the ideas are most difficult part for a nice solid paragraph. I should use this handy outlet more frequently.