Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sparseness of Life

I really need to develop some more habits. Good ones. Like writing everyday. It's good for my typing skills and my sanity. Both very necessary to continue existence.

Lots of good stuff happening around the house - mainly that I'm doing work around the house. For the last few weeks I've been slowly painting my garage. I'm quite pleased to be doing it - a home improvement project that is entirely of my own doing. I scrounged up some paint from my parents to start (3 weeks ago?) and purchased some last weekend. So here's how it went:

Week 1 - start with the ceiling. A good recommendation from my dad and I would have felt pretty dumb if I started with the walls. The left-over paint consisted of a couple of partly-filled cans of "Fresh Start" primer. Good stuff - didn't splatter too much. Continued part of the ceiling every day after work for an hour or so.

Weekend 2 - Finish the ceiling and buy more paint. I was pretty sure that I was going to run out of primer, so off to the store. I did not realize that primer cost >$50 a gallon!! Yikes! Luckily, I didn't need to much of that primer as the ceiling was more than half done by that point. I got a liter of the good primer and a few gallons of "contractor-grade" primer and paint for the walls. Good to know that those people who painted my house used this lovely, crappy paint that is good enough only for my garage now. Lovely. Anyway, can't complain as it saved my half. On to the ceiling! Finished the ceiling and only needed a dribble of the new primer. Awesome - I know have a nice little can of primer, just in case. Saturday finish the priming. Sunday, finished the ceiling. Now I have a nice white ceiling. Plus primer first is good as the 2/3s of a gallon of ceiling paint I got covered everything nicely.

I still don't get those commercials advertising the colour-changing ceiling paint. First of all, you can see where the fresh paint is. Second of all, you need to systematically paint or you'll miss a spot. I'll grant that the colour-changing paint makes the process faster, but it isn't strictly necessary.

Weekend 2 (this weekend) - Start with the walls. Slapped primer up on Saturday. That well-cured drywall really sucks back the primer. Everything done but the corners and hard-to-reach places. Onwards to the present. Really, I'm painting right now. Painting and typing. Nothing like painting around the computer... Alright, I'll soon be painting. And it will be a good thing. Sorry I don't know a good Holmes on Homes catch phrase to supply for the end.