Saturday, January 2, 2010

Contractual obligation?

I guess this is like a contractual obligation post - if I'm going to write every day, I've got to do it before midnight :) Ah well - I guess that's just how the holidays go; I don't really find myself with any kind of schedule. Once the major holiday gatherings are done, then it's chores and errands that don't normally get done. Plus lots of gaming. Got the ol' skates sharpened - 5 pairs this time. New record. My sister and nephew went skating with us before Christmas and I'm shocked she could even stand up properly. There was a huge bit of corrosion or something smack dab in the middle of the blade. Plus I can't imagine they were very sharp. So those are done.

Managed to get something else done I've been thinking about for awhile, which is to get some old stuff off of floppies and on to a CD or something. Specifically my old Turbo Pascal 6 kit. It's held up well so far and I was able to pull everything off the floppies. I'm not exactly sure how I'd install it, but I thought qemu or dosbox or something like that would work, if nothing else. Maybe wine on Linux? The next step would be to find some of the old source code... That may still be around somewhere as well... At any rate, maybe one of my boys will be interested in learning pascal, although my older son has used and enjoyed Scratch a fair bit. Getting the algorithmic mindset in place is more important than the specific language.

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